Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Summer Academy

Reside on campus of West Virginia State University in Institute, WV for one week of activities in the Arts!!! 3 meals per day, Guest Artist performances, field trips, talent show & more


July 8-13   2024 Monday through Saturday Ages 12-18

Application Form

expand your knowledge, interact with other students, instructors, guest 

performers, and if interested, participate in student/faculty Talent Show.   


The following Artistic Workshops are available to choose from:  Vocal Music: students practice vocal techniques, exercises, and a range of African American music as well as performance etiquette.  Instrumental Music: includes all instruments and is open to students with different levels of experience.  Theater: students will discuss aspects of theater life, read scripts and put together a performance piece.  Visual Arts: expands basic art exercises and techniques (drawing, painting, crafts) with a theme in mind and incorporates past and current examples by African American artists. , Song Writing: students will learn to cultivate ideas into songs to be heard, recorded, and performed; something for every type of song writer from beginning to established artist. Dance: students will work on old school and new school hip-hop dance choreography to be co-choreographed by instructor and students as well as other dance forms.  Creative Writing: all forms of literature; poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction instruction & practice.

Identify your choice below.


Indicate your 1st choice by circling #1 and your 2nd choice by circling # 2.  Your second choice

will be used if your first choice is filled up.


Vocal Music:  1      2     Dance:    1      2     Song Writing   1      2          Theater:     1      2

Instrumental Music:   1   –   2       Visual Arts:   1       2       Creative Writing:   1       2


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The Registration Fee for the week is $300.00, which covers the cost of dorm rooms, meals, and activities.  The fee or a deposit must be paid when registering.  Also, payment plans may be arranged.  Late registrations (after June 24th) will increase to $350.00.  Partial Scholarships may be available for some students who qualify, feel free to inquire.  Make Checks or Money Orders payable to: African American Arts & Heritage Academy or simply AAAHA . 


New students should submit a letter of recommendation with their Application


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Signature of Applicant __________________________________Date______

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If you have questions email or call:  Dr. Brucella Jordan (216) 290-8564; 


Mail Application and fee to:   African American Arts & Heritage Academy

         c/o Dr. Brucella Jordan

         P.O. Box 369,   

         Ansted, WV 25812