Jacque Dooley talks about the upcoming Summer Camp at West Virginia State

Longtime staff and now consultant of the Norman Jordan African American Arts and Heritage Academy Jacque Dooley talks about the upcoming summer academy at West Virginia State. Click here to see the VIDEO!

The NJAAAHA is excited to announce that we are currently planning our 2023 Summer Youth Arts & Heritage Academy.  This year, following all of the University’s health and safety guidelines, we will meet in person at West Virginia State University the week of July 10-15, 2023.   As always, the following artistic disciplines are being offered: Instrumental Music (keyboards, strings, horns, & percussion instruments), Vocal Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing, which include songwriting and hip-hop expressions.  In addition, artistry and creativity are supplemented with guest performers, associated field trips, cultural heritage activities, and opportunities to showcase individual and collective talents; all resulting in a well-rounded artistic experience.

The Norman Jordan African American Arts & Heritage Academy (NJAAA&HA) offers students 12-18 years of age (recently changed from 13 years of age),  one week of concentrated study in the artistic discipline of their choice.  Workshops focus on vocal music, instrumental music (strings, horns, percussion including steel drums), theater, dance, creative writing (including hip-hop and basic song writing), visual arts, and arts technology.  Classes are supplemented by historical and cultural knowledge associated with students chosen art form. 

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